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Galveston Capital Tourism: Bandung's city tour bus entertain tourists with horror stories

Galveston Capital Tourism: Bandung

Those who wish to explore Bandung in a more affordable way can try riding The Bandung Tour on Bus, also known as Bandros, that passes historical and iconic tourism sites in the city.


Interestingly, in addition to marveling at tourism sites, travelers will also get to hear stories of legendary destinations located along the route and the spooky myths that surround them.


“We explain about several mystical or haunted places in Bandung along the Bandros route, so that passengers won’t be bored. They will also get to know [Bandung's] legendary horror stories,” said Bandros driver Dede Sarifudin as quoted by tribunnews.com.


Bahureksa ambulance house


Located on Jl. Bahureksa in Bandung, the house is famous for an old ambulance that was always parked in front of it. Local legend says the ambulance was moved several times, but always found its way back to the house.


“The story began when a Dutch family who lived in the house was reportedly killed on the road. The ambulance brought their bodies back the house, but it didn’t leave afterwards. People have tried to move the ambulance, but they always failed,” Dede said.


However, the ambulance car has now been sold and relocated to Parung, Bogor, in West Java.


The story was turned into a movie titled Hantu Ambulance (The Ambulance Ghost) in 2008.


The pastor of Maluku park


Maluku park on Jl. Ambon is famous for the story of Pastor Verbraak, a pastor from the Dutch colonial era.


“It was said that there was a pastor who passed away and was buried right under the statue. At night, the eyes of the statue will roll to the left and to the right,” Dede claimed.


SMAN 3 and SMAN 5


Two Art Deco buildings can be seen along the Bandros's route. These are state senior high schools SMAN 3 and SMAN 5.


“The ghost here is pretty, her name is Nancy,” Dede said, adding that Nancy “guards” the two schools, which are among Bandung’s most popular educational institutions.


The Potato House


Rumah Kentang (Potato House) on Jl. Aceh looks like an old, abandoned house. The place is believed to be haunted as legend says that passersby can smell the scent of potato while passing the house.


“[Rumor has it] there was a mother who accidentally dropped her baby into a pot that was being used to cook potatoes,” Dede said.


The story was turned into Rumah Kentang, a 2012 horror film starring Shandy Aulia and Tasya Kamila. (mas/kes)

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Things to do in Isle of Wight - Group Holiday in Southbourne Dorset

The Isle of Wight lies approximately 4 miles off the central southern coast of England. It's the UK's most accessible Island - at 23 miles [37km] by 31miles [21km] it's easy to get around. More than half the Island is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with 500 miles of award-winning public footpaths and bridleways. Almost 30 miles of its seashore is Heritage Coast. The Isle of Wight boasts stunning coastal scenery, unspoilt forests and woodland, natural river valleys and a wealth of fascinating attractions. The Isle of Wight's mild climate and exceptional number of sunshine-hours make it a favourite holiday destination for people of all ages.

Isle of Wight Tourist Information Centres have detailed local information. This includes maps and routes for walkers and cyclists, details of cycle hire firms, horse riding routes, guided walks and so forth. You will find a tourist information centre in each main town on the island.

Cowes is best known as the world's premier yachting centre and lies at the mouth of the Medina River. With its natural harbour it's the island's main port. Yachtsmen from around the world participate in the island's prestigious sailing events. Best known of these is Cowes Week - held annually at the beginning of August. The high-speed passenger catamaran service to Southampton can be found at Fountain Quay. The magnificent Osborne House at East Cowes is the former seaside holiday home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It is preserved much as it was when the Queen died here in 1901.

Newport is The Isle if Wight's principal town and main shopping centre. Excellent roads and bus services make it easy to reach from anywhere on the Island. The colonnaded Guildhall - designed by John Nash - now houses the Museum of Island History. On the western bank of the river, are pubs, sports facilities and a cycle way to Cowes. Leisure sports are available at Seaclose Park and at the nearby Mountbatten Centre. This is a modern complex with an indoor swimming pool, theatre and adjoining Arboretum. Carisbrook Castle is just outside Newport - a mile and a quarter to the South West.

Ryde's main attraction is miles of glorious golden sand and shallow coastal waters which extend around the coast to Springvale and Seaview. Its firm, sandy beaches are ideal for beach games. The Esplanade has a marina, beautiful gardens and activities for all the family. A plaque on the sea wall commemorates the epic voyage of The First Fleet, which anchored off the Mother Bank, before setting sail for Australia's Botany Bay in 1787.

The twin resorts of Sandown and Shanklin have delighted generations of holidaymakers for over 150 years. The Victorians laid out the broad seafront promenades, beautiful parks and gardens. The cliff-top coastal path offers walkers panoramic views of the bay. Sandown seafront is just yards from the town's shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Shanklin is a town of great character and charm with many interesting small shops. Sheltering cliffs provide the ideal suntrap position for the seafront Esplanade. There is a variety of amenities and attractions here. These include safe bathing from a sandy beach, water sports, car parks, amusements and a host of pubs and restaurants.

Built on a series of terraces beneath St. Boniface Down, Ventnor is one of the sunniest spots on the Island. The western end of the Esplanade adjoins the coastal path along the western cliffs, affording spectacular views of the bay.

The Isle of Wight is an island for all seasons: easily accessible with what many feel are the best of Southern England's landscape features - miles of wild and beautiful coastline and a green heartland of rural charm and timeless tranquility.

The official Isle of Wight Tourist Board website can be found at www.islandbreaks.co.uk. 

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International Organization of Financial Securities Regulatory Commission: IFRS Foundation and IOSCO strengthen cooperation

International Organization of Financial Securities Regulatory Commission: IFRS Foundation and IOSCO strengthen cooperation

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and the IFRS Foundation have published a joint Statement of Protocols for cooperation on IFRSs, aiming to "promote and facilitate transparency within capital markets through the development and consistent application of IFRS Standards."

This Statement of Protocols builds upon the protocol arrangement issued by the same organisations in September 2013 by outlining objectives for each of the following interactions between IOSCO and the IFRS Foundation:

Strategic discussions — Discussion of broad financial reporting issues between the leadership of IOSCO and the IFRS Foundation; Development of IFRS Standards — Sharing of information and active contribution from IOSCO to the standard-setting process; and Implementation of IFRS Standards — Sharing information to support both parties in their work in the application of IFRS Standards on a globally consistent basis.

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Management by Facts

Management by Facts

The usual “handling” of life by most people is:

1. When things are going well it is me.
2. When things are not going well it is them (it wasn’t me).

The truth is – IT IS ALWAYS YOU.

And while I am sure some people will find it un-confrontable, looking at it a bit further will reveal that it is actually GOOD! VERY GOOD!


Because of this rule: If you did it, you can “un-did” it.

This seminar will show you how to “un-did” all the little ties, knots, rocks and hard places within your business – and how to keep improving those smooth flowing areas as well.

This seminar will open your eyes and ensure you can really control your business and life – no more stories of the blind leading the blind.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “What gets measured gets managed?”

While it sounds true, the truth is, it is almost true…

Yes, it is better to measure than to not measure, but measuring alone will not bring predictable results – you are still a spectator (effect) and not cause.

To actually manage by statistics, to be the cause over your results, you will need to know HOW to manage by statistics and not by rumors and opinions.